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What is Curv Pro?

Curv Pro is an application-based community of Providers on the Curv Health app who receive additional support & resources from Curv to help them build their private practice!

Benefits of joining Curv Pro

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Monthly Bonuses & Incentives for Curv's best performing Providers!

Special recognition in our client onboarding flows for priority placement to get your profile in front of more clients

Access to training, webinars & more support from expert Curv Health providers

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How to apply

Start the application process by filling out the 3 minute application below
Ensure you maintain at least 4 hours per week of availability on the Curv Health app
Remain in good standing with all Curv Health patients & staff interactions

Why join Curv Health?

Free to enroll

Curv Health is one of the only free-to-use, HIPAA-compliant platforms custom built for individual healthcare providers.
Curv charges no monthly, annual, or hidden fees. We make our money by taking a 7% fee from all successful transactions, so we only get paid if you do!

Set your own schedule & rates

On Curv you have complete freedom to set your own hours - we make it easy so you can add shifts around your day job; or take your business to the next level by offering full time availability through Curv.
Curv allows you to set your own rates for initial assessments & follow up appointments.

Focus on the care

Curv automates intake forms, calendar reminders, payment processing, invoices & more so you can focus on delivering an amazing client experience.

Privacy and security

Most providers rely on basic tools like Google Calendar or Zoom to set up their first virtual private practice - apps that are not necessarily HIPAA nor SOC2 Type 2 compliant. Ditch the stress of using insecure apps & build on Curv.


Valid license to practice

Curv Health ensures every healthcare professional on the marketplace is able to practice under their selected title in their selected regions. You'll give us your 'Provider Number' and we'll check that you're good standing with their respective state or provincial board.

Access to Curv platform

Currently, to acess the Curv Health platform, you'll need an elligible iPhone or iPad (coming to web in July 2023!)

To join a live video call, you'll need acccess to the internet, with a minimum download/upload speed of 75kbps to join a video call with a client


Minimum of +2 years of independent practice experience, either in-person or virtual

Comfort using technology like the internet, email, basic apps is key to delivering amazing virtual care!

Students, Interns, Qualifying, Etc.

Unfortunately, Curv Health cannot currently support healthcare providers who are not fully qualified to provide independent client care. However, you may consider joining Curv as a 'Coach' to provide services not under a registered healthcare title.

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